The Ultimate Vegetarian Cooking And Food Guide


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Introducing … The Ultimate Vegetarian Cooking And Food Guide …

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Are You Suffering From Weak Bones And Digestive Disorders?

Did You Ever Wonder About Why You Feel Restless, Listless Or Anxious Without Any Plausible Reason?

The Answer Probably Lies In Your Dietary Habits!

Introducing : The Ultimate Vegetarian Cooking And Food Guide – Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Cooking And Preparing Vegetarian Food

From this ebook, you will learn how to :

– Use Vegetarian Food and Cooking to Improve Your Lifestyle and Lifeline

– Stir up some sizzling, sumptuous recipes with broth, wine or vegetable sauce, instead of meat based stews and soups.

– Liven up the rice dish with some sautéed garlic and hot olive oil!

– Perk up the wilted lettuce by soaking it in lemon juice and cold water.

– Learn the tricks of cooking up a vegan alternative to eggs with breadcrumbs, oats, flour and cornstarch.

– Read about the different types of vegetarian dietary patterns – vegan, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian and flexitarian – and decide your own route!

– Did your friends tell you that your body needs iron, protein, calcium, zinc and carbohydrates, all of which are available only in meat or fish? Next time, simply tell them that all of these can be found even in grains, cereals, beans, fruits, leafy vegetables and tofu. In addition to this, a vegetarian diet will facilitate vitamin C, fiber as well as folate.

– Lower your body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio and overall body fat! Become slim, trim and GLAMOROUS!

– And much more …


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