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How long has it been since you played golf?  It was your favorite pastime, but how long has it been?  Work and raising a family took up most of your time back then.  You didn’t play nearly as much as you wanted to.  Maybe you should get your golf buddies together and go play a round.  At one time you all got together every two weeks to play.  When did it stop?  Okay, so maybe you are a little rusty.  Your body has even developed aches and pains in places you never had them before, but you are still healthy.
You still have clubs around somewhere.  You will have to dig them out and dust them off.  It has been awhile since they have seen the light of day.  They will still work.  Surely they haven’t changed golf clubs that much.
Now you have thought about it.  Why not get together with your friends and play a round of golf.  Surely you don’t think you are too old.  Did you know some golfers play their best games after they have raised their kids and retired from their careers?  You know you need something to do with your time.  Oh you do some puttering around the house, but that is not the same as having something you can look forward to a couple of times a week.  Did you know senior golfers play more rounds of golf than the younger men who are still raising their families?  You are beyond that point.
You have more time than they do now because your kids are already grown and have left the nest, and may be raising kids of their own.  So what is holding you back?  Are you afraid you are too rusty to play a round anymore?  You know your body doesn’t move as easily as it did 20 years ago, but don’t let that stop you.
It is Never Too Late to Get Back in the Game
So what is holding you back?  Is it your age?  Jack Nicholas is in his 60’s and he is still playing pro golf.  I know it is because you have played for as many years as Jack Nicholas.  So all you need is maybe a few lessons, some pointers, and practice.  The best thing about most things in life is it is never too late to start.  All you need is some determination and the love of the game.  Maybe you have been thinking about playing again, but you are afraid you will be the only one on the course of your age group.
Well we know already it won’t be like that.  There are golf courses in Michigan who are competing for the senior golfer’s business.  There may be some golf courses in your area doing the same thing.  Okay maybe you aren’t ready to start asking questions just yet.  You prefer to learn things on your own.   What if there was one place where you could find the information you wanted, would you look at it?  If it helped you in some way, would you read it?
Playing Your Best Game of Golf at 60 and Over
This book has the information you need to get started playing the game of golf.  It is also great for those who love the game and have thought about playing.  So whether you are an experienced player, but haven’t played in a while or you are a beginner who has never played this game.  This book has the tips and the pointer to help you get started in the game.
Fitness and Health
1) To play the game of golf you need to get your body ready with golf specific exercises.  These exercises will help you with your flexibility and range of motion.  They will also give you strength and endurance.
2) There are certain snacks you should take with when playing a round of golf.  Whether the game is just you and your buddies, or tournament play.  The snack suggestions will keep your body fueled so you can go all 18 holes
Here is what you will learn inside this guide….
The Health Benefits to playing golf
How to avoid injury
Seniors take a different approach to their game
Yoga a golf fitness program
Use Yoga for problem area
Senior need good nutrition
Shopping for Lessons
Tips on Warm-ups
How about that swing
Improve your putting
And a lot more!

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