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Introducing … Promoting With Digg …

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WHAT’S DIGG? is a growing website. You may have heard of it. is what is called a social networking website. As an Internet marketer, if you hope to stand out in the world of Internet marketing, you will need to get up close and personal with websites like this since social networking (also called social marketing) is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Let’s go back, what is Digg?

Digg is a community of individuals who come together to share news stories. That is the key word to remember: News.

One of the foundations of is that the stories submitted to it need to be a news piece. If you do not submit this type of piece to the website, chances are good that you will get banned or your articles will be removed. Luckily, if done right, just about anything can be a news piece.

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