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Introducing … Mini E-Book Goldmine …

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People often ask, “what is a mini E-Book” and why is it important in the scheme of my business?

To answer the question of “what is a mini E-Book?” : a mini E-Book is a 5-25 page executable file or PDF document that discusses a very specific topic. While the mini E-Book has become wildly popular as an Internet marketing tool, it is also used in non-IM niches.

A mini E-Book can be used for a number of different purposes. In general, however, a mini-E-Book is usually used to convey a very specific – and little known – secret about a niche topic, whether it be car waxing or pet care.

What is a mini E-Book and how is it different from a regular E-Book? A mini EBook is smaller than a regular E-Book because it doesn’t aim to be comprehensive. Instead, it concentrates on providing highly-specific, crucial information about a specific technique or idea. Successful publishers will often going beyond a pre-set scope in their mini E-Book.

While smaller than a normal E-Book, it can still be sold through the same avenues. For instance, publishers who start by asking, “what is a mini EBook?” often end up asking “where can I sell such a product”? It’s simple: they can open a vendor account at, pay the $50 initial product fee, and then begin selling any amount of mini E-Books.

Additionally, a mini E-Book publisher can also give his or her product away completely free of charge in order to generate traffic. This is often employed by skilled Internet marketers, who will coordinate a massive free give away – and then include some back-end component to return readers to their sites.

So what is a mini E-Book and why is it important?

It’s a short book or report on a specific topic that either generates revenue or facilitates traffic generation.

Full details are discussed in this ebook …


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