How To Increase Profits On The Backend


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Introducing … How To Increase Profits On The Backend …

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Most businesses spend too much time trying to gain new customers and fail to recognize the immense goldmine that they have in their existing customers.

The fact is that the people most likely to buy from you are those people who have already bought from you!

That’s why backend marketing can help to boost your profits, even when new customers are few and far between.

As a strategy to survive and thrive in a recession, it’s hard to beat backend marketing.

Backend marketing works because people are the most suggestible in buying behavior just after they’ve made a decision to buy.

Once they overcome resistance to purchasing from you, they’ve given you their trust. You no longer have to market to overcome buying resistance; instead, you market to them to have them buy even more from you.

For the business owner, it works because it’s easy to implement backend strategies, whether you are an online or a retail business.

It just takes a bit of conscious attention to the actual purchasing transaction and understanding when to offer customers an upsell or a more expensive item. Once you get the hang of this, it’s a very easy way to increase the bottom line without spending tons of time advertising.

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