7 Peak Productivity Apps That Will Change Your Life


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Everyone these days is talking about personal performance and complaining that they are just not productive enough.

Under the constant pressure to do better and achieve more in everything we do, we often feel overwhelmed. We strive to be more efficient, to save time on mundane tasks and to get more done.

We want to be outstanding at what we do but still have time for activities that we love and spending time with our families.

This is why self-improvement gurus and self-help books are raking in millions by offering to share their “top productivity secrets”. These usually turn out to be generic theories like the 80/20 rule or common sense tips such as delegating tasks or breaking up big tasks into smaller ones.

The big “insider secrets” are nothing more than bogus blabber.

If you want a more tangible and direct route to boost your productivity immediately, you’re reading the right book!

The best way to achieve peak productivity requires nothing more than your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and a productivity application. Productivity apps are the hottest things on the market today.

Software developers have cleverly identified the major pain points that people have when it comes to being more productive. The result has been an explosion of productivity apps geared towards tackling different hurdles to productivity.

Whatever your profession or niche, whatever aspect of productivity you want to boost, there is an app for it.

This book will present seven peak productivity apps that can help you achieve your work more efficiently and make your life so much easier.

All of them are straightforward and super-easy to use. The only difficulty you might have is choosing which ones to use as they are all awesome!


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